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Mark is an accomplished singer songwriter and has the capacity to appear as a entertainer in his own right. He is also a public speaker mainly on Indigenous issues that he is passionate about including health, empowerment and well being. He talks about Indigenous issues including health, empowerment and well being.

Mark is also active in a number of community groups and organisations like the Kimberley Stolen Generation Committee, the National Stolen Generations Alliance and is the patron for Abmusic the only indigenous owned music school in Australia. He is also a patron with Mary G with the Kimberley Toad busters. He is currently Chairperson of the Australia Council's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board.

Mark offers his opinions in the various media outlets when Aboriginal issues are being dealt with and does not claim to represent any group but speaks in general about Indigenous Australians' plight. He has won numerous awards that recognise his achievements and contributions over many years, remaining consistent with his passion.

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