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Mark Bin Bakar is a sound recordist, composer, Television/Film writer, Director and Producer. He has had a number of projects screened on national television that he wrote and directed including a major Cultural Showcase which was also broadcast live on National TV across Australia. This also included in simulcast with a national radio broadcasting net work. Mark has sat on the AFTRS board and also is a founding member of the Screenwest Indigenous Advisory group. Mark has also advocated for the recording of oral history which has seen fruition in a state project recording stories through FTI and Screenwest. Mark is a visionary and has great insight into using television/Film as a means of getting messages across from a corporate level to commercial level if a client is wishing to educate, stimulate positive wellbeing or health messages or just simple successful TV commercials.

The genius in Mark to create and write material that has the ability to stimulate thought and make people smile or laugh is his gift. To incorporate this into Video/film or any other mediums is the brilliance of Mark. Mark has written, Directed and at time starred in a number of corporate and commercial videos that have seen state wide and national broadcasts. Mary G is in demand from communities across Australia and the media. She made two 6- part series for SBS which have been re-run 3 times. This is Australia's first Indigenous variety show. Mark's mother, among other guests, appeared on the show to discuss the issues that are of concern to the Indigenous community. Mary G is based partially on Mark's mother, one of the stolen generation, and she draws her sense of humour from her. Mark is an accomplished film maker and he is just scratching the surface in creating new and greater products.

Watch out for Straight Shootin, hosted by Mary G.


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